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Offerings in Astrology


Private Birth Chart Interpretation

  • Natal Chart Reading

  • Annual Solar Return Reading

  • Current Transit Chart

Group & Private Classes

  • Ongoing classes in the study of Astrology 

"The intensification of a person's self-awareness: in astrology, that is all that matters." Steven Forrest

It's all about light and darkness. The energetic pulls of the planets as they are placed and appear in the sky  at the time we become our Selves on the Earth play a role in determining our personal viewpoint and approach to life. An understanding of one's birth chart helps in seeing, developing and managing the basic blueprint  of our personalities. How we navigate this blueprint has a profound effect on our life choices, how we perceive ourselves and how we project ourselves into our social structure.

As always, my work is about clarity and the conscious embodiment of our lives. This work involves the broadening of awareness to support one's intention and ability to take responsibility for one's Self and one's life.  

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