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Polarity Energywork

Offerings in Polarity Therapy

Private Sessions​

  • via Phone/Facetime/Zoom


Life is a song. It has its own rhythm of harmony. It is a symphony of all things which exist, in major and minor keys of Polarity. It blends the discords, by opposites, into a harmony which unites the Whole into a grand symphony of life. To learn through experience in this life, to appreciate the symphony and lessons of life and to blend with the Whole, is the object of our being here. ~~~ Dr. Randolph Stone

Polarity Therapy / Energywork is an energetic healing modality introduced by Dr. Randolph Stone using universal concepts of Energy.  Dr. Stone became a DO, DC and ND, as well as gaining certifications in massage and midwifery, before discovering, through a lifelong love and study of esoteric energetic arts that the Western medical model was missing a vital component ~ the Energy Body.  In this beautiful work, the entire life of the client is considered, and the energetic resonance of this life is witnessed, honored and held.  Dealing with much more than tissue, a polarity session addresses the full person, holding space for all of the facets of life, healing and full, resonant personal expression.


Polarity Energywork is provided in private sessions with the client fully clothed.  Each client is unique and each session is unique.  Sessions include deep listening and witnessing as well as energybody work that may include such modalities as Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Conscious Communication, Nutrition Counseling, Gentle Movement & Element Awareness.  There is a level of client education and self-awareness that is offered in each session.  


We also offer training in Polarity Energywork for Self awareness, APTA certification and for NCBTMB CEUs. 

Served in the roles of Treasurer and Director of the APTA Board during the period 2015-2019

Currently serving on the IPEA Approvals Panel for new members

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