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Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel teachings


Private Healing Sessions

  • in person in the greater Columbia, SC or Long Island, NY areas

  • Medicine Wheel Teachings offered in the greater Columbia, SC area

I have had the great fortune of studying under the guidance of a wise Medicine Woman. Medicine Wheel teachings are offered based on the grace these teachings have become in my life.



I invite you to enter for a moment

into Sacred Time and Space,

into a way of seeing that is broad and spacious.

See this Day, from the time you arose this morning

until you sleep this evening, as one Ceremony,

divided into small and familiar rituals,

your Heart as the Altar.

You, part of the Cycles of Light and Darkness.


Now begin to see your Life,

from the moment of your Conception

until the time of your Death

as one long, continuous Ceremony,

filled with many rituals,

some familiar, some unknown and challenging.

Your Home and all Your Relations, the Altar.

You, part of many Seasons and Cycles.


Now see this Ceremony of your Life

as part of a much larger Ceremony that extends

Seven Generations into the Past and Seven into the Future,

made up of many Births and Deaths.

This beautiful spinning Earth the Altar.

You, part of the great Ebb and Flow.


Now, if You will, imagine this larger Ceremony

to be but one part of a Ceremony so grand,

so magnificent as to be hardly comprehensible,

a great, vast Ceremonial Circle, rich and vibrant

with millions upon millions of swirling

Circles of Dancing Light,

and You, one of those Dancing Circles,

a Dancer on the Altar that is the Universe,

where Time is Eternal.


May You Dance In Beauty.


circle wisdom - sedonia cahill

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